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Camden Catholic High School
Class of 1982
Date:   Friday, November 23, 2012
Place:   The Coastline
1240 BraceRoad
Cherry Hill, NJ
Time:   7:30 - 12:00 pm
Cost:   $20.00 per person
A portion of the cost will be donated to the school from our Class
Details:   Cash Bar with finger food included

Payment needs to be in now if you plan to attend
Send your payment to;

Susan Roselli Palumbi
3 Sheffield Ct.
Medford, NJ 08055

Make checks payable to "CCHS Class of 1982".

Contact:   Maureen (Walsh) Wheeler - email
If you would like to help with the reunion, please email the address above.

Be sure to send address information so we can update your information and eliminate delays.

As of November 1st:  
Bearint, Brian
Berberovic, Donna (Webb)
Bonadies, Debbie (Heimlich)
Brooke, John
Degnan, John
De Jesus, Diana (Brent)
Doyle, Lori (Luthe)
Durso, Carol (Vinci)
Ferraro, Jerry
Gallagher, Kathy
Gallagher, Patti (Webb)
Gearhart, Keith
Gosnear, Eileen (Fischer)
Grzegorek, Marie
Hall, Lisa (Mann)
Johnson, Angel (Broome)
Keeler, Margie (Laitner)
  Martinez, Sonia (Casey)
McClure, Irene
Messina, Joe
Michaud, Mary Jo (Low)
Mitchell, Muriell (Davis)
Mondile, Steve
Nicoletti, Bill
O'Brien, Cathy (Betz)
O'Donnell, Maureen (Turner)
O'Donnell, Sheila
Onofrio, Chris (Rowan)
Rosato, Joe
Roselli, Sue (Palombi)
Saldutti, Gregg
Siemiecowski, Sue
Smith, Mike
Vencus, Donna (DiLanzo)
Vidas, Rita (DeFelicis)
Vincze, Dorthea (Neville)
Walsh, Joni (Sobocinski)
Walsh, Maureen (Wheeler)
West, Pam
White, Don
Williams, Eva (Black)
Most School Spirit:   Diane Hartig
Maureen O'Donnell
Greg Saldutti
Class Athletes:   Lisa Brown
Marty Derer
Shortest:   Maureen Walsh
Steve Parisi
Most Popular:   Helene Carmody
Greg Saldutti
Best Dressed:   Noelle Daniels
Rich Gavranich
Most Likely to Succeed:   Anne Button
Steve Parisi
Class Flirts:   Carol Durso
Dave Stamato
Tallest:   Dave Slattery
Kim Long
Most Intellectual:   Helene Carmody
Jackie Kelleher
Dennis Hargis
Most Sincere:   Mary Powers
Steve Frett
Best Looking:   Mary Gasparre
Bill Nicoletti
Shyest:   Rita Murrel
Jim Powers
Class Clowns:   Sue Humphries
Jim MacHenry
Class Wits:   Joan Walsh
Don White
Friendliest:   Patty McGrogan
Ralph Garcia
Most Dependable:   MaryBeth Dougherty
Steve Parisi
Best Gigglers:   Donna Vencus
Rich Gavranich
Class Actors   Terri Seri
Len Talarico
Best Personality   Joan Walsh
Sean Sartor
Most Talkative   Maryann Cunio
Vicki Leonard
Dino Gonzales
Class Couple   Lori and Frank
Most Studious   Helene Carmody
Dave Graham
Best Storytellers   Mary Powers
Jeff Kane
Most Cheerful   Maryann Cunio
Charlie Spencer
Class Mooch   Dawn Finick
Rich Gavranich
Dino Gonzales
Class Hot Rod   Norma Anthony
Frank Chandler
Anne Button
Class Party-Givers   Margaret McGlory
John Clements
Mike Krajicek
Class Party-Goers   The Senior Class of 1982

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CCHS Website

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If you have any contact information for the following classmates, please contact the reunion committee at

Depenbrock, Richard
Emmel, Joseph
Hammel, Karen
Higgins, Patricia
Luthe, Jeff
Perez, Paloma
Primas, Carol
Schappert-Rodgers, Carolyn
Stroka, Jay